Vision & Mission


We are looking at providing a facility for babies up to and including Grade R.

We would like to have a very happy school, so that children enjoy coming to us and participate in activities relevant to their staggered ages. For this, we obviously need to provide the school as well as the equipment needed, to enable us to carry out our Mission.


This is where the educational program needed, plays a very big part. We feel, this situation can only be addressed with our very young children, being given a better start in life.


Further to the educational program, we will be in a position to offer employment to a few people, which might only be a drop on a hot stone, but should grow into something bigger as time goes on.


Most of the children go to Grade 1, totally unprepared, not knowing what to expect and thus throwing back the class 6 – 9 months of their first year, which has a ripple effect on future classes and so not achieving levels of education they should be.

  • Emotional Stability

    It is our Mission to assist our attending babies and small children to become emotionally stable little people, learning to deal with life at their young ages, at the level appropriate for the age at the time.

  • School Ready

    We will be preparing these children for Primary School, as we go along, which most of the children in this area have not had the privilege of receiving to date. Our Mission is, to have these children prepared at escalating levels each year, so that they will be ready for school and thus have a more meaningful start in their little lives.

  • Empowering

    We believe a good foundation will give us more educationally advanced people in the long run, thus empowering these people to look after themselves.

  • Stronger Communities

    As grown-ups at a later stage, they will themselves be in a position to create and maintain stronger communities and so build up their own area and thus sustain their own people in their own area.