The Project


In January 2013, we went to view the area, speak to the local Induna, Mr. Modika, and decided how and what we should possibly do.

The Induna was also very much in favour of what he was hearing and allocated us a piece of land of approximately 6.400 m2. The application for this Creche – Pre-School – Aftercare, has already been lodged and approved in the Greater District of Modjadji.


This means, we have the green light and may now carry out the project we are so passionate about.


We envisage opening the facility in January 2018.


Since the 14 June 2013 we have fenced the property allocated to us. We have further built and completed a Rondaval, which will later be our office.

At the moment the Rondaval, will need to serve a multi-purpose function, as we still need to build the actual school facilities. Subsequently we have built a fair size storeroom, for various items already invested in, such as educational items, toys, beds and other items.


Besides the building of the school, we have already invested in a borehole to meet our water needs. The electricity has been connected at New Stands in December of 2016, which is another great milestone forward for various activities and work to be carried out.


We need an ablution block with septic tank, kitchen, and laundry facility, besides 7 classrooms and a hall for our functions.


We still need to build the entire school, consisting of:

Ablution Block with septic tank, running water and all fittings

Kitchen with running water and all fittings and appliances

Laundry with running water and all fittings, with an ironing area

The School itself: Functions Area/Hall/7 Class Rooms

Children Activities: Jungle Gym/Sandpit/Other Activities

There are many more items needed: Toys/Books etc.


Should we get into the position of completing our school very soon, we will be uplifting the village, merely with the facility. Our Mission would commence now for future gain in human resources.


With the start of this development, people with other ideas and activities would follow suite and also contribute to the growth of the Village.
(ie: Transport for children)