About Us


We are presently building a Creche – Pre-School – Aftercare in a Village called Ga-Wale, better known as Ooghoek. This Village is situated in the Greater District of Modjadji and is approximately 60 Km away from Tzaneen and approximately 70 Km away from Giyani.


To this date, there is no other educational institution of this nature in the area. The local Induna is looking forward to the opening of the institution, as he believes; this educational development will be of great value for his domain.


Ga-Wale is a very poor Village and has many needy people, who are unable to find stable jobs. The people of this area mainly work on farms as seasonal workers, receiving a meager wage at various intervals.


While many people do find seasonal work, there are even more people who are desperately looking for work, which is not available. We are all aware; many of the younger people are coming to Gauteng to seek jobs. Not everyone is successful in finding work, due to the availability of jobs, as well as the educational factor.